The Power of One: Champions for Children



Have you ever wondered how and why some leaders achieve amazing success despite significant obstacles and challenges? What do they do differently to influence others so seamlessly? Be part of a conversation to engage in divergent thinking about the Power of One and how to be a Champion for Children. Learn the stories, leadership secrets and experience a research-based framework that champions today's tech-savvy children. You will leave this keynote with a deeper understanding of what ACTIONS you can take to transform the traditional learning environment into a vibrant, interactive, relational, innovative information-age learning ecology that inspires ALL to be intentional learners, to think critically and to work collaboratively to meet the demands of a global, digital and dynamic world.

World: The Power of OneThe little things you do each day have the power to affect a great many people. You inspire us with your willingness and ability to help others. You take on the world, one day at a time, continuously searching for a way to make things better, seizing the opportunity to improve everyday life.
You make a world of difference!