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"Ideas, Strategies, and Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning"

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iText, iSleep, iPod, iFood, iChat, iShop, iLaugh, iRock, iDream, iLove, iFeel, iCry, iLearn, iDare, therefore iLive. This is in the hearts and minds of today’s digital generation. The world has changed dramatically from the world that existed just a few years ago. The pace and rate of change in our world is in sync with every forward, rapid movement of technology. A new teaching and learning ecology, grounded in authentic communication, collaboration, and investigations must become evident since these are skills viewed as essential to student achievement in this 21st century world. At the heart of most of this change is technology. How will the world recreate itself in the next ten years with the pace of this change? What will administrators and teachers do in response to the change to reach their digital students?

Substantive reform often involves a fundamental departure from past practices and ways of thinking.

In this wiki, you will find research, ideas, strategies, tools and resourcesfor both administrators and teachers striving to "sync up" with the digital native - the iKid.